New Choices in Men's Wedding Bands

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Gone are the days when your main options for a beautiful man's wedding band were gold and silver. While those two precious metals may never lose their luster on the popularity scale for their beauty, tradition, elegance and value retention, they stand among a myriad of other metals with their own unique attraction that appeals to men. One jewelry designer that has delved into alternative metals and established a successful brand that touts attractive new styles, durability, and economy is Triton Jewelry.

Triton truly understands men and what men want in wedding bands. Whether you lean towards life-long, scratch resistant, highly durable metals with excellent value or are seeking uniqueness in color and design also with a low price point or a combination of both, they have it all. Lets examine these, starting with bands comprised of metals that have extraordinary strength and durability.Triton maintains a patented formulation of both tungsten and carbide called - you guessed it - Tungsten Carbide. This metal is 10 times harder than gold; it's hypoallergenic (doesn't cause or activate allergies); and it is one of the most extremely scratch resistant metals used in jewelry. Combine those qualities with an exquisite luster and affordable prices, you can understand why Tungsten Carbide is now second only to gold in popularity for men's wedding bands. Triton's TungstenAIR is another patented metal that is equally strong, hypoallergenic and durable as Tungsten Carbide, only one-third lighter.

A couple of other Triton metals in men's wedding bands that defy tradition are titanium and cobalt. Titanium is light weight, lustrous and corrosion resistant, and it's very strong - so strong it's used in the aerospace industry. And if you like the color gray, its natural color, or black, titanium may be for you. As you can see below, titanium can be elegant, masculine and trendy all at the same time with a very low price point (The titanium band below is priced at only $240.) Likewise, cobalt is another Triton metal that is unique - solid, dense, tarnish resistant and similar in weight to gold. Unlike titanium, colbalt is nearly white, comparable to platinum and with great luster, but only a fraction of the cost of platinum.

Lastly, Triton also creates amazing designs in wedding bands in other metals that are a bit more common. Their sterling silver bands, for example, have a excellent brilliance in luster and as a result stands out among other silvery toned bands. It's comprised of 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% copper added to render it its hardness. Similar in luster and general feel is their stainless steel band, which is comparatively light weight, durable and, of course, fashionable. Triton's bands in both of these metals are also very affordable.

The best news here is that Gold and Gems has an extensive collection of Triton men's wedding bands. If you're seeking a high quality band at low prices, you might check our collection here. 

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