​Diamond Alternatives and Emergence of a New Brand - DIAMONNA™

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A couple of years ago, we at Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry observed a shift among consumers towards man made alternatives from mined diamonds. After providing our customers with high-quality, naturally mined diamonds for over 30 years, we decided to embark into this new world of these man made gems, and what a journey it has been! In that short period of time, we have experienced a surge in interest (and buying, thankfully) in diamond alternatives and along the way, learned a lot about why this trend is happening and why we believe it will continue. We'll continue to provide fine, natural diamonds, but we're so excited about this segment of the jewelry business that we've decided to introduce our own brand of diamond alternative - DIAMONNA™..    

Before we share some of the highlights of our journey and how DIAMONNA™ finally came into being, lets first clarify what we mean by "diamond alternatives," as there are several variations of diamond-like man made gems on the market, and unfortunately, the jewelry industry has not yet established official terminology that distinguishes each. By "diamond alternatives," we mean high quality man made gems that have an amazing likeness in color, luster and overall visual appeal to the traditional mined diamond. These gems are made, in part, of carbon, the same element of the natural diamond, along with other substances. Their distinguishing factor is...well, how indistinguishable they are from beautiful mined diamonds! And they are much closer to the real thing than, lets say, diamond simulants, like the cubic zirconium, which is made of zirconium and zirconium dioxide and has more of a glassy appearance and poor durability. 

Diamond alternatives are not new to the jewelry industry; they've been around for several years. A major reason for their proliferation in recent years is the vast improvements in the technology and processes by which they're created. The result has been a new generation product with amazing likeness in crystalline structure, durability, and aesthetics to the beautiful, high quality, mined diamond, but sold at a price that is significantly less. And as market demand increases in diamond alternatives and the manufacturing technology continues to evolve, there's good reason to believe that more diamond alternatives will continue to be produced that will compete with the mined diamond. 

So what's been driving the demand for diamond alternatives that ultimately led us to the creation of our own DIAMONNA™ brand? When we started our journey, it became very clear to us that interest in diamond alternatives was most prevalent among a distinct group of buyers - the millennials (consumers between ages 18 - 35). Millennials have different values and thus buying interests than, lets say, the baby boomers. They are less focused on tradition and more focused on getting value for their dollar. Practicality often can compete with their romantic urges. Plus they are more accepting of the diamond alternative for what it is - a beautiful gem indistinguishable from a mined diamond with the naked eye, and therefore they're less concerned about the fact that these gems are not extracted from the earth but are man made. 

Taking that a step farther, the very fact that diamond alternatives are not mined is a major buying motivation among millennials. Millennials are proving to have more environmental and human rights consciousness than their predecessors. And it's a well publicized fact today that for decades the diamond mining industry has been violating human rights in remote, impoverished areas of the world and exploiting many of their natural resources. Millennials are less accepting of these practices and are willing to demonstrate it through their buying behaviors.

And in more recent times, we've observed more and more boomers interested in diamond alternatives. Maybe they're taking their queues from their kids and grand kids? In addition, women at ages 40 - 60 are also jumping on the bandwagon. In the final analysis, the jury is still out on how quickly and to what extent diamond alternatives will achieve mass market appeal, but our experience tells us that it will happen. In fact, we're seeing it now - last year, diamond alternatives represented 78% of our online sales - a huge increase over the prior year.

So we decided to take our first hand knowledge and experience in this new and burgeoning segment of the jewelry business and create the DIAMONNA™ brand, which we believe is second to none in diamond alternatives in both quality and value. Why? Based on GIA standards, DIAMONNA™ is produced with extremely clean crystals of VVS1 - VVS2 clarity, with astonishing polish and symmetry. When tested with thermal testing devices, it actually tests as a mined diamond. In color, it is rated E,F or H,I also by GIA standards, which is the most preferred color choice of today's buyers. It's harder than sapphire and more brilliant than most mined diamonds. Above all, it's offered at a fraction of the price of a mined diamond. Last but not least, with each purchase, we offer the DIAMONNA™ Peace of Mind Warranty, which is a lifetime commitment that covers replacement of half of the value of the gem in the unlikely event of chipping, cracking, scratching, fading or breaking.

Seeing is believing, and we're making many customers believers in diamond alternatives. And it's not all about just the quality of the gems themselves; our expert craftsmen will cut and polish the gems to bring out their maximum beauty in an amazing finished product. Throughout the process, our customer service folks will provide you with friendly and knowledgeable support before, during and after your purchase. 

We hope you visit our new DIAMONNA™ website.