Our Own Luxury Brand - DIAMELIA™

Posted by Ron Hansen on 27th May 2017

After thirty five years of experience as professional diamond jewelers, we at Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry embarked on a new path three years ago that has opened new and exciting opportunities in our business that, at the time, we never dreamed of. We began to research what then had been emerging and making news in the gem world - man made gems that bear a striking resemblance to the mined diamond in look, feel, hardness, luster, and color. Our research led us to a high quality brand of diamond alternative, the Amora gem, which we elected to distribute, and we were amazed at the level of interest by our customers. As time went on, we expanded our brand lines in alternative diamonds, and business quickly grew. Then one day, we decided to take a quantum leap and create our own luxury brand - DIAMELIA™, THE WORLD'S MOST DIAMOND-LIKE GEM. We would would like to share with you some of the highlights of our journey.

Being in the diamond business for as long as we had been, we were always aware of some of the diamond look-alikes on the market, like cubic zirconium - a 1970's creation, but we never took this diamond alternative seriously because it has a "glassy" look and feel and scratches easily, hardly a serious competitor of the mined diamond. And we knew about man made diamonds, which are actually genuine diamonds created in a lab setting under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. These gems have been in production for over a century, but what changed in that world in recent years was the technology used to create them. Not only did the technology improve dramatically, the cost of producing the gems also decreased significantly, which enabled them to compete with mined diamonds extremely well. Other man made diamond alternatives that caught our interest have become popular as well. The most popular of these is moissanite, discovered by French Chemist Henri Moissan in the late 1800's. Moissanite is comprised of the element of the natural, mined diamond - carbon - along with silicon to form a substance known as silicon carbide.

Natural moissanite is extremely rare and is found in small quantities in meteoric deposits. So the vast majority of moissanite is made in high-tech labs, and it is produced in over 200 different ways. In hardness, it is close to the natural diamond at 9.25 on the Moh scale, with 10 being the hardest. Because of the many variations in production "recipes," variations in color quality also exist. On the lower end of the range, moissanite can have a slight yellowish tinge to it, but on the higher end, the coloring, the luster, the crystalline structure are absolutely spectacular and, quite frankly, virtually indistinguishable from a high quality mined diamond. So when we chose to build a luxury brand around this man made gem, we wanted to find only the very best because Gold and Gem's jewelry business has always revolved around one major factor - quality, and we were not about to take a step backwards with launching our dream brand. So a great deal of research and capital went into finding the perfect combination of silicon carbide for DIAMELIA™as well as the finest artisan gem cutters.

Our chosen grade of moissanite is so fine that we call it Premium Grade and justifiably so - it is pure and colorless 4H SiC (4 hexagonal crystal structure) VVS1 - VVS2 with amazing fire, beauty and durability, which can be precisely cut to ideal mathematical angles and polished to produce exactly what we intended - a luxurious gem. Our selected recipe of silicon carbide is so pure as that we hardly use the term "moissanite" and we defy anyone to to tell the difference between it and a mined diamond. Our customers are the ultimate proof - they love it and they're buying it. And it's not only the sheer beauty of DIAMELIA™ that attracts them, it's the price - a fraction of a comparable mined diamond. With the economy still as it is, value has become a significant consideration in diamond, gem and engagement ring shopping, and who doesn't want value for their money? Also, because of the fact that diamond mining has taken a black eye in recent years due to its exploitation of land and human resources in economically deprived areas of the world, conscious buyers have been driven in the direction of diamond alternatives. If exquisite beauty, great value and eco-friendliness aren't enough to win you over, DIAMELIA™ also comes with a unique lifetime warranty, free of limitations. Lastly, our packaging of DIAMELIA™ is as beautiful as the gem itself..

We are still very much in love with our mined diamond jewelry and will always be in that business. Plus our fascination with diamond alternatives hasn't ended with just our own brand - DIAMELIA™. We actually carry several other brands of moissanite gems, in addition to lab grown diamonds. In fact, we recently decided to create a separate online store that specializes in these diamond alternatives, which we named...well, what else?...Diamond Alternatives. We hope you visit us there!