Is Bigger Better?

Posted by Ron Hansen on 15th Aug 2017

In the world of diamonds, the case for size can usually be made with large, high-quality gems - the bigger the better, or more to the point, the bigger the more valuable. But such was not the case for … read more

Our Own Luxury Brand - DIAMELIA™

Posted by Ron Hansen on 27th May 2017

After thirty five years of experience as professional diamond jewelers, we at Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry embarked on a new path three years ago that has opened new and exciting opportunities … read more

Gold Hard Facts

Posted by Ron Hansen on 1st Sep 2016

Gold has captured the imagination and desires of mankind since ancient times. Its aesthetic beauty, scarcity and value have made it attractive among investors, who typically buy gold in the form of go … read more

Why Diamond Simulants Have Become So Popular

Posted by Ron Hansen on 2nd Feb 2016

You may have heard by now that a new breed of gem is becoming high in demand and competing for its place on the traditional wedding ring – the synthetic diamond, also known as diamond simulant, cultur … read more

The Amora Gem's Dazzling Debut

Posted by Ron Hansen on 26th Aug 2015

 The Amora Gem's Dazzling Debut All that glitters is not diamond. Ron Hansen, Vice President of Operations of Gold & Gems, may have just as well adopted this … read more