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TRU-HYBRID™ Rocks the World of Diamond Simulants

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We at Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry envisioned a unique brand of diamond simulant a few years ago when the diamond alternatives market began to sky-rocket, and now we're excited to announce that it's finally here.

After experiencing success in lab grown diamonds (genuine diamonds made in a laboratory), we initially embarked into diamond alternatives through the introduction of the DIAMELIA™ brand, which was launched last year. The DIAMELIA™ is comprised of carbon, the same element of the mined diamond, plus silicon carbide. These two combined substances form the gem known as moissanite, and DIAMELIA™ represents the highest end of moissanite quality in the jewelry market today, with properties comparable to the mined diamond.

After DIAMELIA™, we knew that our quest for a new brand of diamond simulant was not complete. We also wanted to bring to market a new diamond simulant that had an amazing likeness to the genuine diamond and, at the same time, was affordable to just about anyone. The result was TRU-Hybrid™– a diamond simulant with its own unique properties and with lower price points than genuine diamond and even moissanite. Unlike moissanite, the TRU-Hybrid™ gem consists of fortified man-made crystals and the actual diamond element (carbon). These elements are integrated through a process known as IDI – Ionic Diamond Infusion. The resulting product is a non-porous, extremely hard gem with superb luster and color similar to that of the finest mined diamond.

Because TRU-Hybrid™ is made in a clean, high-tech lab, this gem is eco-friendly, unlike mined diamonds that are extracted from the earth often at the expense of disrupting land and water resources and exploiting human labor in remote, economically challenged areas of Africa. In addition, we invest a portion of each purchase of TRU-Hybrid™ to the citizens of Rwanda through Food for the Hungry.

Above all, TRU-Hybrid™ jewels are priced 98% lower than comparable mined diamonds, making them very affordable to most consumers. Moreover, they are backed with a lifetime warranty.

As they say, seeing is believing. You can explore our collection of these magnificent gems by clicking right here.

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