Toby Pomeroy's Ethical Jewelry

Posted by Ron Hansen on 27th Jan 2017

Toby Pomeroy

Over the past several years, the mining industry has gotten a black eye for its unsavory reputation of resource exploitation, and perhaps rightfully so. It's no dark secret anymore that for many years diamond and precious metal mining companies have destructively misused land and water resources, left trails of waste materials behind, and maybe worst of all, abused human rights in economically poor areas of the planet where slave-like conditions of labor have been commonplace. Many in the jewelry industry are waking up to the fact that these conditions are just wrong; others are doing something about it. One such individual (and partner of Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry) who is taking action is Toby Pomeroy.

Toby Pomeroy is renown not only as designer and producer of fine jewelry but as an ecopreneur. In fact, the Toby Pomeroy brand is perhaps more associated with environmental sustainability and social responsibility than anything else. The launch of his EcoGold and EcoSilver established a new standard in what is referred to as ethical jewelry. These designs enhance the natural beauty of the precious metals from which they are created.

But how is this jewelry "ethical" you may ask? In 2006, Toby Pomeroy made a conscious decision to no longer use the metals from the mining industry that is wreaking havoc with the environment. Instead, he sparked a revolution in the jewelry industry by using recycled gold and silver purified by refiners from previously used precious metal scraps, with the result being his eco-metal designs. As time went on, the designer applied the same concept to platinum, resulting in his EcoPlatinum line.

In addition, Tobey Pomeroy has put his money where his mouth is in his pursuit of eco-friendly metal sources. He has both investigated and personally traveled to mining companies that have touted environmentally sustainable practices and had the certifications to validate their claims. One such company took him to the Mammoth Tusk Mines in the Yukon area of Canada, whose gold the designer used for his jewelry until the mine closed. Shortly thereafter, he connected with an eco-friendly program called Oro Verde (which translated means "green gold") - the first program of its kind in the world with the goal of reversing the damages caused in the Choco bio-region of Columbia by large scale gold mining. The program maintains compliance with 10 social and environmental criteria. After Oro Verde, Tobey's quest for additional eco-friendly sources of precious metals took him to the Cotapata mine of LaPaz Bolivia. While there, he also visited ARM - a mining project with Fairtrade and Fairmined certifications.

Since then, Tobey Pomeroy has launched another brand of ethical jewelry - TRUE GOLD™ - the first jewelry collection in the USA crafted of materials certified to be conflict-free, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible. All of this brand's gold and platinum is sourced from certified Fairtrade and Fairmined cooperatives, owned and operated by mining families supporting the communities in which they live and whose mining activities are performed by hand, void of harmful chemicals and unethical labor standards.

If you are a conscious consumer with an inclination for natural beauty, you might check out our collection of Tobey Pomeroy here. You will not be disappointed.