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Exclusive DIAMONNA rings at Gold & Gems Fine Jewelry

We specialize in modern, popular and unique engagement rings that hold the larger DIAMONNA gems.  If you send us a photo of your favorite engagement ring we can create your dream ring from a variety of metals including white, yellow and rose gold, platinum and palladium. 

Our most popular E and F color DIAMONNA gem rings are also very true to the look of natural diamond, and provide the best value for a superior diamond alternative ring. Click on the image below to see all our featured DIAMONNA ring settings.


We currently offer the following DIAMONNA gem cuts:

  • Blazing Arrows Round H&A
  • Blazing Arrows Ideal Cushion
  • Ideal Oval Blazing Arrows
  • Ideal Heart
  • Ideal Radiant Blazing Arrows
  • Ideal Princess
  • Ideal Asscher
  • Ideal Pear
  • Ideal Emerald (Krupps).

 We are expecting to launch 3 new stunning DIAMONNA gem cuts in 2017; Old European Cut (OEC), Antique Vintage Cushion (AVC), and Antique Vintage Cushion Enlongated (AVCE). The quality of these new DIAMONNA gem cuts will match the high quality standards of our existing line of DIAMONNA gems for maximum brilliance and fire.

We are so excited to announce that for the DIAMONNA Oval cut, there is minimal to no 'bow-tie' effect. The bow tie effect in an oval cut gem causes certain facets to look dark in a bow-tie pattern. The DIAMONNA gem Oval cutting process solves this problem.


About the DIAMONNA Gem

DIAMONNA gem is the world's most premier grown diamond alternative gemstone available today. This latest breakthrough, made up of a premium blend of carbon and silicon. Despite its uniqueness and rarity, DIAMONNA gem is now available in limited stock supplies and for special order (Pre-Order). Finally, the premium quality alternative to natural diamonds.


DIAMONNA gem meets the highest standards of the gem industry.

It is consistently harder, tougher and more brilliant, with better, clear color when compared to the other gems in this class. It is remarkably beautiful, tests as 'diamond' with the thermal diamond testers and is very resistant to virtually any breaks or scratching. This helps the DIAMONNA gem maintain its physical stability and thus its fire, luster and sparkle for years.  DIAMONNA is also the only brand in the industry offering a Peace of Mind Warranty.


All DIAMONNA gems are grown in an environmentally-friendly laboratory where scientists have replicated their ideal growing conditions. The crystals are then cut to perfection gives the gems their flawless symmetry, brilliance, luster and clarity, surpassing all other gems. Since the DIAMONNA gem is produced in a laboratory, consumers can rest assured that the entire process is conflict-free.


DIAMONNA gem is new and unique to the world of gemstones, but has already fared very well versus all others. It is not only superior to diamond simulants and gemstones, but it is also much more affordable than diamonds of comparable cuts, grades and carat weights. As traditional Moissanite continues to disappoint savvy buyers, the DIAMONNA gem has effectively filled the void for what consumer’s desire in quality, beauty, durability in a very affordable alternative to fine, natural mined diamonds.