ASHA Diamond Simulants


The Smartest Choice for Diamond Alternatives


Features of the Asha:



ASHA hardness comparable to Diamonds


Asha diamonds rate as an approximate 8.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness which makes them nearly as hard as a sapphire. In comparison diamonds will rate as a 10, this makes both of these stones great for everyday wear.


Low Cost Option


One carat Asha® stone costs about $215 rather than $6500 for a comparable diamond. The Gold&Gems Asha® diamond simulants are equivalent in grade to a Hearts and Arrows natural diamond that is of E color and VVS1 clarity.


Lasting Beauty


Asha will remain as clear and beautiful as when you bought them. This sets the Asha® apart from other diamond stimulants such as Cubic Zirconium which tends to discolor over time. One of our very own Sales Specialists proudly wears her Asha® stone next to her diamonds and receives compliments daily for both.


Trade In Options


Purchase an Asha® now, trade in later. We want you to have your dream ring without being limited by cost. So why not put your money towards the setting you will wear for a lifetime? With an Asha® stone rivaling the look of a diamond for a fraction of the cost, you can buy one now and save up for a natural diamond to upgrade later.

The full credit of your Asha® purchase will be used towards one of our natural diamonds whenever you choose; either on your 1st or 5th anniversary, or another special occasion. Meanwhile, your new Asha® diamond will be just between the two of you.


What makes an Asha? 


An Asha® diamond simulant uses a patent pending nanotechnology process to infuse a multitude of microscopic diamond crystals all aligned together into the upper layers of the Asha® crystal. This Amorphous diamond layer is man-made and integrated into the core of the crystal to form a new hybrid diamond simulant.

You can compare the Asha® diamond to the most common form of pearl purchased; the Cultured pearl. The Asha® diamond is formed of an outer layer of amorphous diamond just as a cultured pearl has an outer layer of nacre.


Asha® Hearts and Arrows cut


We offer the latest generation of Asha® diamonds which are now being cut to the exact standards of the Hearts and Arrows diamonds.

Less than one out of every 1000 diamonds will ever achieve the perfect symmetry, alignment, and proportions that allow the Hearts and Arrows diamonds and now Asha® to reflect 30% more light, and look more brilliant than a typical round diamond.


How does Asha® compare to Moissanite?


When searching for a diamond alternative why pay more than you have to, in order to get the same look of a natural diamond? At a third of the cost of Moissanite stones, the Asha® diamond simulant is a great value with an exceptional look.

Asha® stones are colorless when viewed in all light whereas Moissanite can appear to have a grayish/green tone which worsens as the carat size is increased.


For a good visual reference, here are side-by-side comparisons of 4 diamond and simulant options of similar size, weight and grade:


CZ - $5   /   Natural Diamond - $6500   /   ASHA Diamond Simulant - $210   /   Moissanite - $690