Man Made Diamonds - The New Paradigm in Jewelry

Posted by Ron Hansen on 5th Jan 2017

What possessed movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, along with 10 Silicon Valley billionaires, to invest in Diamond Foundry - a California-based start up in the business of making diamonds in a lab? The answ … read more

​Diamond Alternatives and Emergence of a New Brand - DIAMONNA™

Posted by Ron Hansen on 7th Nov 2016

A couple of years ago, we at Gold and Gems Fine Jewelry observed a shift among consumers towards man made alternatives from mined diamonds. After providing our customers with high-quality, n … read more

The Opal - Aussie Extraordinaire

Posted by Ron Hansen on 16th Sep 2016

Opal is one of the most beautiful gems on the planet renown for its unique and varied color composition. Over 95% of all opals in the world come from Australia. Cooper Pedy, a town in South Australia … read more

Gold Hard Facts

Posted by Ron Hansen on 1st Sep 2016

Gold has captured the imagination and desires of mankind since ancient times. Its aesthetic beauty, scarcity and value have made it attractive among investors, who typically buy gold in the form of go … read more

Peridot - The Birthstone of August

Posted by Ron Hansen on 22nd Jul 2016

August is around the corner and the peridot has been the month's birthstone since 1912. Peridot is an intriguing gem because it's not found in jewelry as much as many of the other birthstones, like di … read more