Round Brilliant Forever One Moissanite Gemstone




Gold and Gems is very proud to be selected as the people's choice for the Round Brilliant Forever One Moissanite.

We have made our stance & opinions about Moissanite very clear over the years. Before Charles & Colvard produced the Forever One Moissanite, the Moissanite gems did not pass our standards for offering to our customers. The previous versions were NOT white. They had a greenish, yellow body color and did not look like diamonds. We could see a Moissanite from 15 feet away. The Forever One Moissanite is different... It's finally, colorless.

We will only be selling the Forever One Moissanite (not Forever Brilliant or Classic) as a lower price option to our Amora Gem and Amora Gem Ultra Hearts & Arrows.

Forever One Moissanite is finally a Moissanite that does not have unsightly greenish and yellowish tones. It is white, and it is beautiful.

Forever One Round Brilliant Moissanite Pros:

  • Very well cut (aka very pretty).
  • Falls into the colorless grades as set by the GIA.
  • Hard and durable (9.25 on Mohs hardness scale).
  • Comes with Charles & Colvard's Lifetime Warranty.
  • Comes with Charles & Colvard's Certificate of Authenticity.

Forever One Round Brilliant Moissanite Cons:

  • Not cut to ideal Hearts & Arrows cutting standards.
  • Treated to become white.
  • Will not test as "diamond".

We are happy to present the Forever One Round Brilliant Moissanite as another good diamond alternative.