Square Brilliant Forever One Moissanite Gemstone

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Charles & Colvard

Product Description


Gold and Gems is proud to be the people's choice for the Square Brilliant Forever One Moissanite.

We have made our stance & opinions about Moissanite very clear over the years. Before Charles & Colvard produced the Forever One Moissanite, the Moissanite gems did not pass our standards for offering to our customers. The previous versions ere NOT white. They had a greenish, yellow body color and did not look like diamonds. We could see a Moissanite from 15 feet away. The Forever One Moissanite is different... It's finally colorless.

We will only be selling the Forever One Moissanite (not Forever Brilliant or Classic) as a lower price option to our Amora Gem and Amora Gem Ultra Hearts & Arrows.

Forever One Moissanite is finally a Moissanite that does not have unsightly greenish and yellowish tones. It is white, and it is beautiful.

Forever One Square Brilliant Moissanite Pros:

  • Very well cut (aka very pretty).
  • Falls into the colorless grades as set by the GIA.
  • Hard and durable (9.25 on Mohs hardness scale).
  • Comes with Charles & Colvard's Lifetime Warranty.
  • Comes with Charles & Colvard's Certificate of Authenticity.

Forever One Square Brilliant Moissanite Cons:

  • Not cut to ideal Hearts & Arrows cutting standards.
  • Treated to become white.
  • Will not test as "diamond".

We are happy to present the Forever One Square Brilliant Moissanite as another good diamond alternative.