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  • TRÜ-HYBRID Asscher Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Asscher Cut is simply a powerfully beautiful cut. The Asscher cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut by our master cutters and is a regal as they get. Using a multi-faceted...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Cushion Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Square Cushion Cut, or Pillow Cut, combines the perfect square with bowed sides. The Cushion Cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut with multiple pavilion facets to create...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Emerald Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Emerald Cut or Krupps is traditional beauty at its best. The Emerald Cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut using the classic step cut angles producing broad facets that...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Heart Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Heart Cut is the ultimate representation luxury and love combined! The Heart Cut Diamond is the number one expression to celebrate and commemorate your sparkling love...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Oval Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Oval Cut is pure class and elegance. Oval cut diamonds have always been stunning options, but have gained popularity in recent years.  Select a loose...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Pear Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Pear Cut or Tear Drop is an ideal representation of the classic and romantically graceful Pear Cut Diamond.  Select a loose Trü-Hybrid™, or you can...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Princess Cut


    Trü-Hybrid Ideal Princess Cut is perfectly square, ideally faceted and fit for a princess! If you're a lover of the Princess cut diamond, your heart will sing as you proudly wear your...