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DIAMELIA®Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Cut (CNV) / Round

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The Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Round Cut

The CROWN NOUVEAU™ Vintage Cut, by Diamelia®.

The Diamelia CNV is a Must See for vintage cut diamond lovers! We invite you to see our coveted new Diamelia fancy cut; The Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Cut!! DIAMELIA®️Gem Premium Moissanite produces the most complex, yet simple Vintage Cut Gem in the world.
The Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Cut (CNV) is a hybrid of all vintage cuts including Old European cut , Old Mine cut, Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau. Diamelia took the good and changed the bad in the various vintage cut styles. The result is an incredibly active display of beauty that transcends time.

Wearing the Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Cut effectively places you in a time machine. Now you can wear a diamond look that was donned by royalty and high society stretching back to year 1600-1880.

Main features:
Very high crown.
Small table.
Medium, faceted girdle.
Very small culet.
Razor sharp facet junctions.
Excellent polish.
Laser inscribed; DIAMELIA.

See for yourself why DIAMELIA has earned the distinction of "The World's Most Diamond-Like Gem"

*Diamelia® Crown Nouveau™ Vintage Cut gems are made to order and take 2-3 weeks. Please inquire about current stock of CNVs for immediate shipping. Thank you :)

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