DIAMELIA® Elongated Vintage Cushion (EVC)

$285.00 - $1,425.00


DIAMELIA™ Elongated Vintage Cushion (EVC)

From the Diamelia Vintage Collection, the DIAMELIA [tm] Ideal EVC (Elongated Vintage Cushion cut) is a true blast from the past. This is the most historic cut, worn by royalty when diamond cutting was not as refined as it is today.

As always, our durable Tough-Edge™ Girdle (edge) ensures your DIAMELIA™ will retain its beauty for life...and we guaranty it. Laser inscribed for identification, warranty and authenticity assurance.

About the DIAMELIA Gem

DIAMELIA gem is the world's most premier grown SiC gemstone available today. This latest breakthrough, made up of a premium blend of carbon and silicon. Despite its uniqueness and rarity, DIAMELIA gem is now available in limited stock. We are mainly making gems to order. Finally, the premium quality alternative to natural diamonds.

DIAMELIA™, the Brilliant Diamond Alternative. Precision cut to exacting standards with razor crisp faceting. See for yourself why people are exclaiming that DIAMELIA gems are the most Diamond-Like gems in the world.

  • Grown Premium Silicon Carbon Crystal
  • 9.25 on the MOHS Hardness Scale
  • Perfectly Cut For Maximum Performance
  • Laser Inscribed for authenticity and identification
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 31 Day returns
  • Luxury Packaging