DIAMELIA Emerald Ideal Cut

$330.00 - $1,505.00


Emerald Cut Ideal DIAMELIA

Our Emerald (Krupps) Cut DIAMELIA is a true classic, reflecting the beauty of storied diamonds of our past. DIAMELIA is the most beautiful and lasting diamond alternative in the world ...and we guaranty it. Beyond its sparkling beauty, this cut features our Tough Edge girdle and our exclusive Peace of Mind Lifetime Warranty. (DEW means Diamond Equivalent Weight). Laser inscribed for identification, warranty and authenticity assurance. Enjoy!

DIAMELIA™, the Brilliant Diamond Alternative. Precision cut to exacting standards with razor crisp faceting. See for yourself why people are exclaiming that DIAMELIA gems are the most Diamond-Like gems in the world.

  • Grown Premium Silicon Carbon Crystal
  • 9.25 on the MOHS Hardness Scale
  • Perfectly Cut For Maximum Performance
  • Laser Inscribed for authenticity and identification
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 31 Day returns
  • Luxury Packaging