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Gold&Gems Fine Jewelry has an in-store stock of natural, certified fine Diamonds, all hand selected for supreme cut, beauty and value factors.

We strongly recommend high quality diamonds in jewelry, especially for the engagement ring. Too many big companies sell the cheapest cost, but the diamonds are off-white and full of flaws. We strongly advise against the "Chain-Store quality" as it's ultimately a dis-service to you in the long run.

Fine diamonds are more affordable than ever.

If you are local, please come by and see our amazing diamonds for yourself. If you'd like a personal diamond concierge', please call or  email us what you're looking for and we will send you some terrific diamond recommendations!

Beyond the diamonds in stock, we have over $300M in diamonds available with our site-holders and diamond partners. We can broker the right diamond for you. As always, our family staff will be thrilled to help you navigate this important purchase.


Natural Diamonds (Mined)

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    REAL IS RARE! While we do support the newly emerging man-made diamonds, we've built our 40 year business on NATURAL, MINED DIAMONDS... And We Still Love Them! Gold And Gems knows how special mined, natural diamonds are and we carry a proud supply of the...