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Mined Dias
Mined DIA

REAL IS RARE! While we support the new man-made diamonds, we've built our family business on NATURAL, MINED DIAMONDS. Visit/Call/Email for Southern Oregon's Finest Natural Diamonds today!

Lab Grown Diamonds

REAL IS RARE! While we support the newly emerging man-made diamonds, we built our 40 year business on NATURAL, MINED DIAMONDS. We Still Love Them!

Gold And Gems knows how special mined, natural diamonds are and we carry a proud supply of the finest diamonds. We also have relationships with premier diamond siteholders, worldwide.

We invite you to stop in at our Ashland store, call or email us to find the most amazing natural diamonds in the world today!

Learn for yourself why Gold&Gems Fine Jewelry is voted Southern Oregon's #1 Jeweler. EMAIL US or Call TODAY! ~G&G 877-917-8477

*NOTE: We see a variety of opinions when it comes to diamonds. Some people insist on natural, others embrace the new technological diamonds, gems and hybrids. Gold & Gems does not make a firm stance favoring any one option. We simply make all of the top quality options available, educate our customers...and let them make their decision.