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Why Gold and Gems?

Top brands, custom designs, and the world's finest mined diamond alternatives! Here are the reasons why people continue to choose Gold and Gems over any big box store.

  1. People LOVE that we are truly a family business.
  2. We have a storied history of making and providing high quality jewelry all while treating our customers like family.
  3. Full array of top brands, plus unique in-house custom rings and jewelry.
  4. Quality, cost sensitive mined diamond alternative options. While we carry the most amazing natural diamonds & real Lab Grown diamonds, we provide only the finest, legitimate, lasting diamond alternatives for the Eco-conscious and budget-conscious sparkle-lovers. 

Only 1 diamond alternative passes our standards:


Select From Available Gems, or Pre-Order Your Gem

We list a full combination of our stocked DIAMELIA® Gem collection.

Settings for the DIAMELIA® Gems

ring2small.jpgGold & Gems Fine Jewelry is unique in that we are able to offer a greater quantity of engagement rings, pendants and earring options for the various shapes, cuts and sizes of DIAMELIA®. Our expert jewelers set your gemstone to perfection, and we are also authorized providers of the top, brand name ring collections. We can provide any product made by our top brands and designers as well as the most popular settings. Last but not least, we also make our own rings, pendants and earrings. Custom work has been our USA based specialty for the past 35+ years. If you should find a style you like, send it to us for a quote , as we can usually make it for you.

Discover why our testimonials convey unmatched service and integrity.  

  • On site Graduate Gemologistslogo-banner-2b.png
  • Master Jewelers on site to build your jewelry
  • Free Insured Shipping
  • Zero sales tax as we are in Oregon
  • 31 Day Returns 100% refund / No restocking fees
  • 5 Star Reputation
  • Ecstatically Positive Testimonials
  • Unique designs
  • Special request customization
  • Fully accessible support and advisers
  • Full service shop to build, set, repair your pieces - on our premises - by our talented jewelers

gold-seal-ribbon2.pngWe boast an extremely strong, positive consumer opinion about our ability to serve our customers with timely, solid, truthful advice.

Advice based on the latest Inventory

 Authority Seal and secure, insured delivery

 Inspection before shipment

We realize that the DIAMELIA® Gem is often an internet purchase. Our customers can buy the gem & review it, with full return & refund privileges. You are more than welcome to come see us at our Ashland showroom, as well.

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  • Above all else, we are an independent, family jeweler with a solid reputation of integrity. Find out today why shopping at an independent fine jeweler beats shopping at the big chain-stores.

We do care deeply about your experience and aim to prove our appreciation for favoring us with your business. In addition to our highly professional and delightful staff, four generations of our family work on the front lines of our business to take care of our lifeline; You, the customer.

Take a virtual tour of our showroom ...where the magic happens! Our shops, administration and design offices are in the back (not pictured).

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