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Trü-Hybrid™ Jewels!...featuring perfectly hand-cut Hearts and Arrows precision. We offer the latest generation of Trü-Hybrid™ jewels that are now being cut to exacting standards. The Trü-Hybrid Round looks even better than Hearts and Arrows mined diamonds.

The Trü-Hybrid™ Jewel allows you to sparkle and shine proudly...without investing in natural diamonds. They are quite affordable.

Developed for people that don't want to invest thousands into diamonds, Trü-Hybrid™ is the finest non-diamond option in its price range.

Less than one out of every 1000 diamonds will ever achieve the perfect symmetry, alignment, and proportions that allow the Hearts and Arrows diamonds and now Trü-Hybrid™ to reflect 30% more light, and look more brilliant than a standard round diamond.

This means that your Trü-Hybrid™ will look as good as the top 1% of natural diamonds!

These have proven to be a fantastic choice for a low cost, quality center stone. ENJOY~!

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Trü-Hybrid™ Simulated Diamonds

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  • TRÜ-HYBRID Asscher Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Asscher Cut is simply a powerfully beautiful cut. The Asscher cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut by our master cutters and is a regal as they get. Using a multi-faceted step cut, the Asscher is quite spectacular. ...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Cushion Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Square Cushion Cut, or Pillow Cut, combines the perfect square with bowed sides. The Cushion Cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut with multiple pavilion facets to create an extremely sparkly gem. Select a loose...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Emerald Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Emerald Cut or Krupps is traditional beauty at its best. The Emerald Cut Trü-Hybrid is hand cut using the classic step cut angles producing broad facets that disperse large flashes of light return. Select a loose...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Heart Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Heart Cut is the ultimate representation luxury and love combined! The Heart Cut Diamond is the number one expression to celebrate and commemorate your sparkling love.  Select a loose Trü-Hybrid™, or you...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Oval Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Oval Cut is pure class and elegance. Oval cut diamonds have always been stunning options, but have gained popularity in recent years.  Select a loose Trü-Hybrid™, or you can also add a ring in your cart...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Pear Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Pear Cut or Tear Drop is an ideal representation of the classic and romantically graceful Pear Cut Diamond.  Select a loose Trü-Hybrid™, or you can also add a ring in your cart & we will combine the...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Hearts and Arrows Round Cut


    Trü-Hybrid Hearts and Arrows Round Brilliant Cut is our best seller for entry level priced center stones, earrings and pendants. Hand cut by master diamond cutters, the H&A round is phenomenally brilliant with the shimmer and light-dance...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID™ Radiant Cut


     Trü-Hybrid Ideal Radiant Cut is trüly radiant! The radiant cut is essentially an Emerald cut with many more facets, making it a perfectly rectangular shape with maximum sparkle and fire.  Select a loose Trü-Hybrid™,...

  • TRÜ-HYBRID Princess Cut


    Trü-Hybrid Ideal Princess Cut is perfectly square, ideally faceted and fit for a princess! If you're a lover of the Princess cut diamond, your heart will sing as you proudly wear your Trü-Hybrid Princess cut.  Select a loose...