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The Ultimate Simulated Diamond is now available: Trü-Hybrid™

Trü-Hybrid presents the finest diamond-like jewel in this low cost class of simulated diamonds. Ideal cut, hardened crystals are combined with pure diamond using Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) technologies. The proprietary Trü-Hybrid brand produces these new jewels with unmatched beauty benefits & features.

This is the breakthrough that value minded diamond lovers have long anticipated. Credit due to high-tech modern technologies and Trü-Hybrid's company innovation, you can now bask in the luxurious glory of fine, shimmering diamond jewelry style without the prohibitive price of mined diamonds. Trü-Hybrid has created an ideally hand-crafted, work-hardened seed (or core) crystal, then permanently infused an amorphic diamond bond that permeates into 100% of the surface structure of the crystal. This achieved was previously unachievable.  Trü-Hybrid's Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) actually permeates luxury grade diamond into ideal cut crystals. Trü-Hybrid is a truly amazing, spectacular, durable, diamond-like jewel at a relatively low cost compared to other simulants and diamond alternatives. Buy with confidence as Trü-Hybrid provides a peace of mind warranty to assure the Trü-Hybrid will remain durable and tough, for life!

Optical Properties and Specs of Trü-Hybrid Diamond Hybrid:

Refractive Index



Singly refractive (identical to mined diamond)


Identical to premium grade natural diamond


Amorphous Diamond is Ionically Permeated Into the Body of Process-Hardened Zirconium Dioxide Crystal using Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) technologies

  • Trü-Hybrid diamond jewels are non-porous, even under nanoscopic view. The main benefit of a non-porous diamond simulant is that they will not not become cloudy and milky like other diamond simulants. Like water off a duck's back, Trü-Hybrid repels oil, dirt and grime leaving them diamond-like and easy to keep clean.
  • The Trü-Hybrid IDI process is not a veneer, amorphous coating or skin. It's actually infused diamond whereas the hard crystal and diamond become one; a true hybrid of diamond and crystal.
  • Trü-Hybrid jewels are lab made & eco-friendly.
  • Trü-Hybrid comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Trü-Hybrid looks natural when combined with mined diamonds.
  • Trü-Hybrid is hand-cut to ideal proportions and polish by master artisan diamond cutters.
  • Amorphous Diamond Ionically permeated into the body of process-hardened crystals using Ionic Diamond Infusion (IDI) technologies.
  • Mimics mined diamonds of GIA E / VVS Ideal Cut Grade.
  • Non porous / Stays clean.
  • Durable for all jewelry purposes.

Additional Benefits

  • Trü-Hybrid comes with a 'Lifetime Peace of Mind Warranty'
  • Trü-Hybrid loose gems and ring setting purchasses will be combined for you with no setting fee!
  • A portion of all Trü-Hybrid sales are dedicated to helping the good people of Rwanda, and beyond, through the amazing work of our friends at Food For The Hungry (FH). You will wear your beautifully handmade Trü-Hybrid engagement ring, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry proudly knowing that you have taken a stance for helping good people in need. You'll also be doing your part in protecting our fragile environment all while keeping your valuable dollars freed up for life's other financial priorities.


Trü-Hybrid™ is a proprietary brand of diamond simulants. All rights reserved.